Latin America

Brazil (2 projects)

BC-10 :
BC-10 Project is a deep-water project covering an area of 2961.67 Sq. Km. located in the Campos Basin approximately 120 km southeast of the city Vitoria off the coast of Brazil, with water depth ranging from around 1400 to 2100 meters. ONGC Videsh had acquired 15% PI in April’2006 and 12% PI in December’2013. ONGC Videsh has 27% PI and other partners are Qatar Energy with 23% PI and Shell with 50% PI is operator.

Block BM Seal-4:

The Block is located in the Sergipe Alagoas Offshore Basin in Northern Brazil and has an area of 320 Sq. Km. with water depths ranging from 1500 to 2700 meters. Exploratory block BM-Seal-4 was originally awarded to Petrobras in August 2000. ONGC Videsh farmed into the block on 04.06.2007 with 25% PI as part of swap agreement between ONGC Videsh and Petrobras (75% PI). Petrobras is the operator of the project.

Colombia (4 projects)

Mansarovar Energy Colombia Limited (MECL) is a 50-50 JV company of ONGC Videsh and Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPC). MECL owns 100% interest in Velasquez field and the Velasquez-Galan pipeline of capacity 55,000 BOPD which runs 189 km from the Velasquez property to Ecopetrol’s Barrancabermeja refinery. ONGC Videsh acquired 50% share in MECL in August’2006.

Block CPO-5

Block CPO-5 is located in the South Western part of the most prolific oil & gas onshore Llanos Basin, Colombia and has an area of 1992 Sq. Km. The block was awarded to ONGC Videsh in 2008 bid round of Colombia and the PSC’s for the block was signed on 26.12.2008. In June 2010, ONGC Videsh divested 30% PI to Petrodorado Energy (PDQ) while retaining the operatorship of the block.In 2019 Petrodorado Energy transferred its PI to Geopark.

Block SSJN7

Block SSJN7 is located in the South Western part of onshore Sinu San Jacinto Basin, Colombia and has an area of 2707 Sq. Km. ONGC Videsh acquired 50% PI in block SSJN-7 on 24.12.2008 where Pacific Rubiales Energy (PRE) was the Operator with 50% PI. In 2017, the operatorship and PI of PRE has been transferred to Canacol Energy (CNE).

Block RC-10

Block RC-10 is located in the North Western part of offshore Guajira Basin of Colombia and has an area of 1340 Sq. Km. with water depth ranging from 200 to 2600 meters. ONGC Videsh acquired 50% PI in the block on 30.11.2007 and is the operator. Ecopetrol holds the remaining 50% PI in the block.

Venezuela (2 projects)

San Cristobal

San Cristobal field is located inZuata subdivision of JuninNorte Block of Orinoco Heavy Oil belt in eastern Venezuela and covers an area of 160.18 Sq. Km. ONGC Videsh acquired 40% PI in on 08.04.2008 and signed a joint venture agreement with PdVSA (National Oil Company of Venezuela). A JV company called “PetroleraIndovenezolana SA” (PIVSA) was formed wherein PdVSA holds 60% PI through its subsidiary CorporacionVenezolana del Petroleo (CVP 56%) and PdVSA Social (4%) and ONGC Videsh holds 40% through ONGC Nile Ganga (San Cristobal) BV, a wholly owned subsidiary of ONGC Nile Ganga B.V.


The Carabobo Area is located in the East of Orinoco oil belt, Venezuela and is part of the States of Anzoátegui and Monagas. ONGC Videsh along with IOC, OIL, Repsol and Petronas acquired a total of 40% PI in May’2010 from Government of Venezuela. The Partner Petronas exited from the project in 2013 and Petronas 11% shares transferred to PdVSA. The present Participating Interest of partners in Petrocarabobo is PdVSA – 71%, Repsol – 11%, ONGC Videsh -11%, Indian Oil Corporation – 3.5% and Oil India – 3.5%.