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ONGC Videsh has stake in 41 oil and gas projects in 20 Countries.

ONGC Videsh adopts a balanced portfolio approach and maintains a combination of producing, discovered, exploration assets and pipeline assets.

ONGC Videsh Policy statement on health safety & environment

ONGC Videsh attaches highest priority to occupational health, safety and protection of environment in and around its operational areas. It has implemented ‘Integrated policy on QHSE & Risk Management’, which comprehensively deals with all related domains.

ONGC Videsh is committed to create a positive and lasting social impact.

ONGC Videsh, operating overseas, understands its responsibility to contribute to the communities and economies of the countries in which it operates.

  • ONGC Videsh Operating 41 Projects in 20 Countries

    ONGC Videsh has stake in 41 oil and gas projects in 20 Countries, viz. Azerbaijan (2 projects), Bangladesh (2 Projects), Brazil (2 projects), Colombia (7 projects), Iran (1 project), Iraq (1 project), Israel (1 project), Kazakhstan (1 project), Libya (1 project), Mozambique (1 Project), Myanmar (6 projects), Namibia (1 project), New Zealand (1 Project), Russia (3 projects) … Read more

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Our Vision

To be a world-class exploration and production company providing energy security to the country

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