Middle East

Iran (1 project)

Block Farsi

Block Farsi is an offshore block spread over 3,500 Sq. Km. in Persian Gulf Iran with a water depth of 20-90 meters. ONGC Videsh led Indian Consortium (IC) carried out exploration activities in Farsi Block under an Exploration Service Contract (ESC) signed on 25.12.2002. ONGC Videsh was operator with 40% PI and other partners were IOC with 40% share and OIL with 20% share.

Iraq (1 project)

Block-8 (Renamed Block- 20)

Block-20 is a large on-land exploration block in Western Desert, Iraq spread over 10500 Sq. Km. ONGC Videsh acquired 100% stake in exploration Block-8 when the Exploration & Development Contract for the Block was signed on 28.11.2000.

Syria (2 projects)


The Al Furat Production Company (AFPC) has four discrete production sharing contracts in eastern Syria for the development of 38 mature oil fields of varying size, which are located in or on the margins of the Euphrates Graben system. AFPC project is a joint venture of Shell Syria Petroleum Company(SSPD), the operator with approx. share of 64% (range 62.5%-66.67%), and HESBV, with approx. share of 36%. ONGC Videsh together with Mittal Investments acquired 50% stake in Himalaya Energy Syria B.V. (HESBV) in January’2006. Fulin Investments Sarl, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Company International (CNPCI) holds the remaining 50% shares in HESBV.


Block-24 is situated in eastern desert of Syria near the fields of AFPC project. The block lies on the margins of the Euphrates Graben system. ONGC Videsh acquired the exploration, development and production license for Block-24 Syria along with IPR Mediterranean Exploration Ltd (IPRMEL) in May’2004. Currently, ONGC Videshholds 60% PI, IPRMEL is operator with 25% PI and Tri Ocean Mediterranean holds 15% PI.

UAE (1 project)

Lower Zakum Concession

A consortium led by ONGC Videsh and comprising Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Bharat Petro Resources Limited had acquired 10% PI in the Lower Zakum Project in UAE in March 2018, through their respective subsidiaries. Total PI of 10% is divided amongst the partners as ONGC Videsh – 4%, IOCL- 3% and BPRL- 3%. The Concession has a term of 40 years with an effective date of 9th March 2018. ADNOC holds 60% PI and is operator of the project. Other partners are INPEX 10% PI, CNPC 10% PI, ENI 5% PI and 5% PI in the project is held by Total.