Our assets worldwide

ONGC Videsh Operating 32 Projects in 15 Countries
ONGC Videsh has stake in 32 oil and gas projects in 15 Countries, viz. Azerbaijan (2 projects), Bangladesh (2 Projects), Brazil (2 projects), Colombia (4 projects), Iran (1 project), Iraq (1 project), Libya (1 project), Mozambique (1 Project), Myanmar (6 projects), Russia (3 projects), South Sudan (2 projects), Syria (2 projects), UAE (1 project), Venezuela (2 projects), and Vietnam (2 projects).

ONGC Videsh adopts a balanced portfolio approach and maintains a combination of producing, discovered, exploration and pipeline assets. Currently, ONGC Videsh has oil and gas production from 14 Assets, 4 Assets where hydrocarbons have been discovered and are at various stages of development, 12 Assets are under various stages of Exploration and 3 projects are pipeline projects.