Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in Sudan, steered by Mr. P.K. Rao, Director (Operations) of ONGC Videsh Limited

During visit to Sudan, Director (Operations) of ONGC Videsh Limited, Mr. P.K. Rao steered a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, under the aegis of ONGC Nile Ganga BV (ONGBV) i.e. organization of a free medical camp on 21st November 2015.

The free medical camp has been organized at Elhala Eljadida area, under the guidance of Commissioner of Ombadda, Khartoum.


Warm Welcome to Director (Operations) by Commissioner of Ombadda and State authorities, Khartoum, Sudan


This medical camp was inaugurated by Director (Operations), ONGC Videsh, which was attended by all ONGBV expats and various state authorities such as Mr. Abdel Eltif Abdalla Fedaili, Commissioner of Ombadda, Mr. Elbasha, Manager of Social Welfare, Ombadda, Mr. Atif Hassan, Manager of Education, Ombadda and hundreds of local people.


Director (Operations), addressing the gathering at the Medical Camp

On request of ONGBV, seven local doctors, including one from ONGBV and seven paramedical staff participated in above medical camp. The Commissioner of Omdurman thanked Director (Operations) and the Country Manager, ONGBV for extending such welfare services to local communities in Sudan. Around 1100 patients got benefit from the said medical camp making the CSR initiative a huge success.


Director (Operations), reviewing the facilities at Medical Camp


Distribution of medicines to beneficiaries by Director (Operations), at the Camp