Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co. Ltd. celebrates World Environment Day

Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co. Ltd. celebrates World Environment Day

GNPOC, being prudent operator, always remain in pursuit to take care of nature and do all possible efforts to protect the Earth. On occasion of World Environment Day 2017 tree plantation was carried out in Khartoum office and in field connecting with the theme ‘Connecting People to nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator’.  Management Committee led by Mr. Chen Huanlong, President carried plantation at GNPOC Tower, Khartoum. Mr. Shibaji Mukhopadhyay, Manager (F) and MC Member and Mr. Ashok Deshpande, HSE Manager participated in the plantation ceremony. Mr.S.N.Gupta, DGM(D) participated in field plantation ceremony.