Mansarovar Energy awarded greenhouse gas emissions certificate

On February 2, 2017, the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards (ICONTEC) certified Mansarovar Energy for its inventory of greenhouse gases.

The official event to certify and recognize Mansarovar effort towards Carbon Footprint Management was presided by Dr. Harvinderjit Singh – CEO of Mansarovar Energy, accompanied by Mr. Carlos Benavides – Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Business, Mr. Leonel Vargas – Vice President of Operations, Directors and Managers of the Organization. ICONTEC was represented by Leonardo Fuquén – Commercial Director, Julio Giraldo – Head of Climate Change, Claudia Vega – Account Executive and Jacobo Carrizales – Auditor of Sustainable Development.

For Mansarovar Energy, document on carbon footprint quantification was made by HSE Management team. This procedure quantifies the emissions in each of the facilities and based on the results obtained, prepare strategies of reduction through policies of energy efficiency, renewable energies and reforestation.

Mr. Leonardo Fuquén, Commercial Director of ICONTEC, acknowledged the work of Mansarovar, “We are proud of you; as a multinational oil-producing company, that works with a great sense of commitment for the protection of the environment and takes steps to contribute not only to the sustainability of the organization but also to the society through a responsible performance of the daily duties,” he said.

The Certification of Greenhouse Gas Inventories is the first step in the accountability of Mansarovar Energy that quantifies the emissions of GHG contributing to global warming and allows to establish a precise roadmap to reduce gradually the emissions and look for some compensation alternatives.

Dr. Harvindjerjit Singh agrees that “the ISO 14064 certification of ICONTEC gave a clear message of Mansarovar Energy’s commitment towards the promotion and protection of the environment and sustainable development. This recognition generates credibility and trust in the Company and above all demonstrates our firm commitment of working towards a healthy environment as per best practices in the industry.”

The ICONTEC certified quantification of the emissions allows the company to develop measures to deal with the new fiscal frameworks related to carbon emissions.

Mansarovar Energy Team along with ICONTEC teamDr Harvinder Singh presents the certificate to MD Mr NK Verma and Director (Exploration) Mr Sudhir SharmaDr Harvinderjit Singh-CEO Mansarovar receiving Certificate from Mr Leornado Fuquen-Comm Director of ICONTEC