Narendra K Verma, Managing Director, ONGC Videsh Visits Vankor Field, Russia

ONGC Videsh Limited, on 31st May, 2016, completed the acquisition of 15% equity from Rosneft Oil Company, in CSJC Vankorneft, owner of Vankor Field and North Vankor license. ONGC Videsh is also in the process of acquiring additional 11% stake in Vankorneft. Vankor is Rosneft’s (and Russia’s) second largest field by production and accounts for 4% of Russian crude oil production. The daily peak production from the field is around 421,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

Mr. Narendra K Verma, Managing Director alongwith other officials from ONGC Videsh visited the Vankor field on 10th and 11th October 2016. Mr. Verma was warmly received at the Kransnoyarsk airport by Vankor Team led by General Director Arakady Vladimirovich Kuznetsov.


General Director Arakady Vladimirovich Kuznetsov welcoming MD at Kransnoyarsk airport

Later the ONGC Videsh team was taken to a small town called Igarka, around 2 hours by flight north from Kransnoyarsk. Thereafter the team was taken to Vankor by Helicopter. Due to the terrain and weather conditions, there are no road linkages from Vankor fields to mainland Russia.

The ONGC Videsh team alongwith General Director Arakady Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, Chief Engineer Dmitry Viktorovich Filimonov and Chief Geologist Aleksandr Valerievich Sorokin took an aerial tour of Vankor facilities and Vankor clusters.


Aerial Survey of Vankor fields

To the north of Vankor is Suzun cluster where around 42 active well are producing 75000 bopd. Lodochnoye which is to the south of Vankor is under development and plan is to start production in 2018. Tagul also south to Vankor is also under advanced development where multiple pads are under preparation and drilling is ongoing with first production expected in 2017. The team also saw the Vankor – Purpe pipeline. Thereafter, the team took an aerial tour of Vankor facilities.


MD with Vankor Team at Vankor Helibase

Later in the evening, the team visited the south free water knock out facilities, followed by a visit to a well pad number 4 with 9 producers and 5 injectors. The delegation was then taken to the Central Processing Facilities and the main pumping station.


MD with Vankor Team at a Vankor Well Pad


MD with Vankor Team at a Vankor Well Pad

In the evening, a detailed presentation was made by the Vankor management team to Mr. Verma which was followed by discussions on the various facets of field operations.


MD with Vankor Management in Vankorneft Board Room in field

On the way back the delegation visited town of Igarka along with Oleg Degtyaryov, Head of Regional Government Relations Department, who accompanied the delegation to the Museum of Permafrost in Igarka and also discussed Vankor’s community development activities to support local population.


MD recording his views at Igarka