ONGC Videsh celebrates International Yoga Day

The statuesque ashoka, arjuna and saptparni trees looked on with interest, as all roads and their tributaries led to India Gate this Sunday in Delhi, where thousands of yoga enthusiasts headed to celebrate the first International Yoga Day and be a part of a historical moment.

The ONGC Videsh team reached early at the atrium of Kailash building, on KG Marg. The morning was hot and humid but the energy did not dissipate. Gradually a gusty wind picked up speed, as if in appreciation of the early morning big turnout, and the champa trees in the courtyard did some amazing yoga postures. Lightening pierced the pallid sky and rain drops descended in a rhythm. The atrium by now was full and yoga experts Mr JK Sahni and Mr Shankar Thakur, who had kindly agreed to conduct the workshop, commenced the session.

The high ceiling of Kailash building resonated with the Om chant of the capacity crowd. The placid lake of ink blue, the vibrant colour representing ONGC Videsh, moved in unison. Leading from the front were Mr SP Garg, Director (Finance), Dr. Anil Bhandari, Director (Exploration), Mr PK Rao, Director (Operations), and senior officials of ONGC Videsh.

With many poses that aimed to relax body and mind, the session ended with shavasana.

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Outside the grey skies opened at seams. Delhi that was reeling under the heat wave got some respite as the rain seemed to bestow blessings from the heaven. A befitting finale to a lovely morning of the Summer Solstice.