Mr. Sudhir Sharma takes over as Director (Exploration), ONGC Videsh


 Sudhir Sharma has taken over as the Director (Exploration) in the Board of ONGC Videsh, the international  petroleum company of India. He brings over three decades of experience in various  domestic  and overseas  capacities to this role.

He was most recently the Country Manager and Legal Representative for Company’s Colombia  operations  for  over a year. Earlier, as Head of Business Development in ONGC Videsh, he managed the  global business  development activity of the Company with the objective to acquire oil and gas Assets  overseas. This was his  second stint with ONGC Videsh.

In 2003 consequent upon the acquisition of a stake in Sudan, Mr. Sharma led two Exploration Blocks,  comprising multi-disciplinary, multi-nationality teams, in the GNPOC contract acreage. During his  tenure, exploration for deeper objects and basement was initiated for the first time in Muglad Basin.

He started his career in 1980 when he joined ONGC’s prestigious Institute of Petroleum Exploration in  Dehradun as a young Graduate Trainee after obtaining a Master’s degree in Geology from Lucknow  University.  He pursued higher studies leading to M.Tech in Petroleum Exploration from Indian School  of  Mines, Dhanbad  during 1983-1984. Known for his varied experience in the domestic and overseas E&P Industry in the fields of Operations,  Basin Evaluation, Petroleum Resource, Asset acquisition and Exploration Management, Mr. Sharma  has a few scientific research papers to his credit in association with work colleagues.