Talk on role of HR in Global Corporates

HR, ONGC Videsh, organized a talk on 9 th Feb 2017 on ‘Intricacies of International Human Resource Management’ by Dr. Lavanya Bennuru, an HR specialist.

This talk was organized under the able guidance of GM(HR)-Head Corporate Support Services and in co-ordination with GGM(HR)-Chief RTIs. Dr Bennuru spoke about the numerous challenges faced by the corporate operating in global arena. She enlightened the house about the role of the Strategic management of Human Resource Policies and procedures which would pave the organizations towards prosperity. The success of any organization depends on the HR team, in specific the Videsh team as the HR is to deal with a lot of subtleties such as:



1. Domestic HR Vs International HR functions
2. Understanding Legal implications of the host country
3. Multiculturalism
4. Language implications and culture
5. Recruitment policies w.r.t. expatriates and in-patriates
6. Language & culture based training
7. Ethical insights and their importance
8. Compensation issues
9. Taxation issues such as double taxation
10. Interpersonal Relations
11. Ensuring security of his job and life and his comfort at the host country
12. Repatriation

Dr Bennuru stressed on the fact that the international team of HR shoulders the responsibility of their employees who vest their confidence and trust which when dealt with carefully can drive the organizations to leap forward and conquer heights of prosperity.


The talk was well attended and appreciated by HR and Regional Presidents of ONGC Videsh.